World Renowned Artist Robert Singleton to Unveil New Works

September 12, 2014


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For the first time in almost 20 years, reclusive, world-renowned artist Robert Singleton will show his most recent work at the new Grasshopper Gallery located at the Lost River Trading Post in historic Wardensville, WV.

Singleton, who has been living on a West Virginia mountaintop since 1979, is considered one of the finest artists in large landscapes and his oil paintings are included in private and corporate collections worldwide and can found in numerous museum collections.   Many of his paintings have a magical quality reflecting the change of natural light during the day, capturing the ethereal and atmospheric quality of clouds and breathtaking light that peeks through.

Singleton describes his painting studies as a journey toward the light. “Throughout my career my work has reflected light with a small ‘l.’  After my sojourn here in West Virginia, however, my work is about THE light with a capital ‘L’—enlightenment,” says Singleton.

“Sometime in the mid-1990’s I stopped painting for many reasons.  Mostly my life took me on a detached journey away from art.  However, in 2012 the door to my creativity opened wide and now I’m back to painting full time with a mission in mind.” added Singleton.

“We are thrilled and honored that Mr. Singleton chose our local West Virginia gallery to debut his new work,” stated Paul Yandura, co-owner of the Lost River Trading Post.

The show will be on view from Friday, September 26, 2014 through Sunday, October 19, 2014 with an opening night reception Friday, September 26, 2014 from 5-8pm, to coincide with the 61st annual Hardy County Heritage Weekend.

A sneak preview of his new work can be found here:


Singleton, born in Jacksonville, NC, now claims to be “West Virginian by choice.” In the late 1970’s, Singleton realized the toll his tremendous success as an artist was taking on his life and began searching for a secluded and private place to live and work.  “I felt that I had painted myself into a corner,” Singleton remarked, reminiscing about that time in his life.

In 1977, while taking a day off from a Washington, DC show, Singleton found land in West Virginia and has never left.  But, while the setting was perfect, he found he could do nothing but stare at the blank canvas.  It was an overwhelming change for an artist who had spent much of his life weaving in and out of large social circles.

He found that he was overwhelmed with past memories from childhood to his success as a young artist. “I realized that what I had really come here for was to learn one thing, to love myself, unconditionally,” he remembers.  He learned how to just be with himself, and it definitely got easier over time. “From that point forward,” Singleton recalls, “I began looking at my work as documentation for my spiritual growth, not spiritual as in religion but spiritual in a more universal light. The paintings always reflect where I am chronologically both in my life and in my experiences.”


A bio, resume and select accomplishments can be found at the Robert Singleton website.  The web address is:


Lost River Trading Post was opened last year in the Appalachian Mountains of West Virginia.  The owners Paul Yandura and Donald Hitchcock, both Washington DC political escapees, dreamt up the idea of a modern mountain general store, or as they call it the “general store evolved.”  The took an old 5,000 square foot previous feed store on Main Street in historic Wardensville WV and turned it into a specialty store that carries American-made and locally crafted products along with antiques and paired it with a full-service espresso bar.  This month they inaugurated the Grasshopper Gallery, located inside the store, to showcase local artists.

If you would like to schedule and interview with Robert Singleton or learn more about the Lost River Trading Post or Grasshopper Gallery please contact Paul Yandura at (202) 251-4351 or


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  1. Kevin M. Woodcock
    May 3, 2017 at 10:12 pm

    I recently viewed Roberts paintings in Thomas,WV at the Lamplight Gallery and was struck by his simplistic yet powerful visions of Light. I am an artist living in Elkins,WV and am also inspired by nature and how light moves through it. Very inspiring work by Robert, I'm glad I got to see it. -

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