Fueling the Future: Sharp Shooters Class of 2017

June 2, 2017


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Fueling the Future: Sharp Shooters Class of 2017

By Samantha Cart

Are good leaders born or made, and what makes a good leader?

True leaders are engaged and empowered, open to change, focused, hard-working and proactive. They’re the first to arrive and the last to leave. Others are naturally drawn to their positive attitude and genuine enthusiasm. Leaders live intentionally—their actions are no accident.

Like the abundant natural resources that fuel our state and our country, the Sharp Shooters Class of 2017 is fueling the future of West Virginia. Their maturity and experience is evident in their accomplishments and involvement as they have each dedicated their life to making West Virginia a true representation of Almost Heaven.

West Virginia Executive’s (WVE) Sharp Shooters are West Virginians over the age of 43 who have built their reputations on a commitment to career and community success and represent what is great about the past and exciting about the future of the Mountain State.

WVE’s strict criteria for choosing Sharp Shooters ensures they are the best of the best. Nominees must have lived in the state and been in their West Virginia-based position for at least five years and must actively participate in community service and philanthropic endeavors, as well as efforts to move the Mountain State forward to prosperity. Past and present service to West Virginia is the critical component to choosing each Sharp Shooter from the long list of nominees WVE receives each year because it shows that the contender is invested not just in their own success but in the success of others and the future of the state.

WVE is proud to introduce the Sharp Shooters Class of 2017.

If you know someone who is making a significant impact in their career and community, nominate them for next year’s class. Nominations are accepted year-round and can be submitted at www.wvexecutive.com/sharp-shooter-nomination-form.

Meet the 2017 class of Sharp Shooters.

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