Executive Exclusives

Lost & Found: Chatting with Rajeev about India

Posted On: February 24, 2017

By Katie Allie These are my stories from the road and hard-won guidance from a thoughtful traveler. If I’m making you curious about getting lost and finding the good stuff in this great big world we all share, then I’m doing something right. “This is indeed India! The land of dreams and romance, of fabulous wealth and fabulous poverty, [...]

Volunteer, Engage, Impact

Posted On: February 22, 2017

By Jacob Hayhurst In 1994, Dr. Ruthellen Phillips and Dr. Belle Zars designed a program to address three clearly identified needs of children: summer learning opportunities, adequate nutrition during summer months and safe and secure environments. The pair of doctors, who were working for the West Virginia University Extension Service, broke ground by piloting a six-week summer reading and [...]

Camp Brookside Environmental Education Center: A Hub of Activity in Summers County

Posted On: February 15, 2017

Angela Allison Last May marked the opening of the newly restored Camp Brookside Environmental Education Center. This 32-acre island within the New River Gorge National River once provided a summer retreat for the children of Union Carbide’s Alloy plant. From 1946-1993, company employees sent their children to Camp Brookside, where they spent their summers learning how to swim, doing [...]

Loving Daniel: West Virginia Families Struggle with Infant Loss

Posted On: February 13, 2017

By Alicia Elkin Nicole Dice and her husband were nervous and excited at the thought of bringing their son into the world. However, 20 weeks into the pregnancy, their happiness turned to devastation. “We found out he had Type 2 thanatophoric dysplasia and would likely not survive to birth,” says Dice, president and co-founder of Loving Daniel. “We carried [...]

West Virginia AgrAbility: Making Agriculture Accessible to All

Posted On: February 10, 2017

By Matt Browning According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), more than 200,000 farmers, ranchers and agricultural workers acquire occupational injuries each year that limit their ability to perform essential work tasks. The West Virginia AgrAbility program exists to assist these farmers and their family members with education and resources, ensuring our state’s farmers can maintain long and—literally—fruitful [...]

Using the Past to Educate the Future

Posted On: February 08, 2017

By Shannon Lester Nestled in the hills of Southern West Virginia, Heritage Farm Museum & Village connects early Appalachian settlers’ survival ingenuity and ancestral problem solving with today’s technology to empower a brighter future. Home to more than 15 hand-hewn log structures—including indoor event space for up to 200 people, five log cabin inns, a barn retreat center, seven [...]

A Global Network: WVU Reed College of Media Expands Access to Education

Posted On: February 06, 2017

By Allyson Kennedy When graduate students in the West Virginia University (WVU) Reed College of Media’s online programs log into their courses, they could meet a marketing and communications manager from California, a digital strategist from Ohio, a mom from Texas or a full-time student from New York. Without the boundaries of a brick and mortar classroom constraining enrollment, [...]