Executive Exclusives

FUEL: Marion County Chamber of Commerce Uses Initiative to Connect Millennials

Posted On: March 23, 2017

By Tim Liebrecht Fuel is the force behind what we do. In a physical sense, the gasoline we put in our cars fuels our engines, and the food we eat fuels our bodies. In a psychological sense, our passion fuels our desire to accomplish, our compassion fuels our desire to give back, and our goals fuel our desire to [...]

American Pain: A Q&A with John Temple

Posted On: March 21, 2017

By Samantha Cart While researching for the article “Fighting for Life in West Virginia,” which appeared in the Winter 2017 issue of West Virginia Executive, I came across a true crime book called American Pain. When I realized it was written by John Temple, my senior capstone professor at the West Virginia University Reed College of Media, I purchased it [...]

Partnering for Change in Marshall County

Posted On: March 16, 2017

By Rachel Maurer The natural gas boom has significantly impacted the Northern Panhandle of West Virginia in recent years. Marshall County, specifically, has felt the impacts of this in several ways in its local communities. The Marshall County Family Resource Network (FRN), a nonprofit organization located in Moundsville, has been able to translate this energy boom into resources and [...]

Sustainable Development: West Virginia Students Utilize State’s Wealth of Resources

Posted On: March 14, 2017

By Adam Black West Virginia’s history is steeped in its wealth of natural resources. As the natural and political landscapes continue to change, the state’s colleges and universities continue tailoring education to potential careers surrounding these opportunities. Glenville State College (GSC) is now offering a new concentration in energy and land management through its Land Resources Department as part [...]

Lost & Found: New River Gorge

Posted On: March 10, 2017

By Katie Allie These are my stories from the road and hard-won guidance from a thoughtful traveler. If I’m making you curious about getting lost and finding the good stuff in this great big world we all share, then I’m doing something right. The greater New River Gorge recreation area is very close to my heart. I had my [...]

Chill Out: Morgantown Company Partners with Snapple Triathlon Team

Posted On: March 09, 2017

By Jayne Harris West Virginia-based athletic performance company Chill Athlete recently entered a sponsorship agreement with the Snapple Triathlon Team. As one of 15 national sponsors, along with companies like Clif Bar and Diamondback Bicycles, Chill Athlete supports the triathletes by providing apparel and products to help their performance and recovery. “The Snapple Tri Team partners with the best [...]

Halting the Hoax: WVU Event Spotlights Fake News to Promote Transparency

Posted On: March 07, 2017

By Emily Corio Fake news is nothing new. Sensational tabloid headlines have been entertaining shoppers waiting in grocery store check-out aisles long before similar, shocking headlines started popping up in our social media feeds. What is new, though, is the proliferation of fake news online, and experts say the 2016 presidential race helped feed the fake news beast. “We [...]